“Figure It Out” by Patrick Ballantyne

On Monday, March 29th Patrick Ballantyne will be releasing his newest single “Figure It Out”. This song is the lead single from Patrick’s forthcoming album “Love / Shadow / Dust”. The 20 track album, self-produced by Ballantyne showcases fresh material, as well as some new renditions of songs penned by Patrick but previously recorded and released by other artists.

“Love / Shadow / Dust is my pandemic record, my COVID-Opus.” says Ballantyne, “With the world shutting down how it did, I threw all the extra time I had into this record. Late nights, early mornings… Writing new songs, and rediscovering a few I’d forgotten. I immersed myself in what I love to do, what I believe I was born to do… And this album, these 20 songs, are the result.”

“Figure It Out”, the advanced single from the forthcoming album can be saved to your Spotify or Apple Music Streaming Libraries here: