Happy (Belated) New Year: Updates for 2021

Happy belated New Year! Pandemia has us all feeling down, but here at Northwood were are optimistic about the future and new things on the horizon! We’ve got some exciting things planned for 2021, with new music from Patrick Ballantyne, Ambre McLean, Mike Celia, and more. Also, we’ll be posting a slew of new things to our YouTube Channel, lots of old project that we’ve had the chance to wipe the dust off of during our time during lockdown – some remastered, revamped historical content, some unpublished performances from artists, and even some reviews and other stuff. Be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss all that stuff!

Also, we’ve revived the Northwood Music Newsletter – sign up to receive news, exclusive offers, and special content from our artists.

As well, our new Spotify Playlist has been more popular than we could have imagined so far! Be sure to check out “Canadian Singer-Songwriter” for a great mix of All-Canadian talent. 

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